COLOMBO (PPI) - Pakistan has increased number of products that can be imported from Sri Lanka to 4,000 under final phase of Free Trade Agreement FTA between the two countries. Sri Lanka Export Development & International Trade Ministry said in a statement that access became effective on March 20, 2009. Pakistan granted duty free access for Sri Lankan products like tea, betel leaves, albeit with quotas, coconut products, natural rubber, spices, natural graphite, paper boards, aluminium articles. Final phase of liberalisation will provide duty free access for additional 4,000 products, it said. These are fish, meat, vegetable, foliage, plants, sugar, biscuits, pastry, cakes, mineral products, fibre boards, leather and leather-based products, footwear, gems, jewellery, value added copper products, electrical items, printed circuits, bicycles, boats, floating structures. Pakistan has become second largest trade partner for Sri Lanka in South Asian region, statement said. Trade between two countries increased to $270 million in 2008. Sri Lankas exports to Pakistan also increased like coconut products, tea, rubber and rubber-based products. Imports from Pakistan mainly consist of rice, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, potatoes, textiles, apparel. Pakistan granted 100% immediate tariff concessions on 206 items after free trade deal was signed. Sri Lanka granted immediate duty free access to Pakistan for 102 products. Under deals Rules of Origin, only products originating from Pakistan and Sri Lanka would benefit from agreement, according to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. Other products that have some imported materials as inputs have to have 35% value addition. Under cumulative rules of origin to meet 35% value addition criteria, a producer can use raw material imported from either of contracting parties up to value of 10% and remaining 25% to be met through value addition at home.