ISLAMABAD - The prevailing global economic crisis is fast becoming a wake up call for world leaders to step up efforts to attain Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), an initiative of United Nations, rather creating hindrance in their way. With the support of people awareness campaign across the world, the development goals would be achieved to make the glob hunger free and eradicate poverty. The people should stand up by pressing their respective governments and leaders to continue their efforts for achieving the MDGs, Minar Pimple, Deputy Director, United Nations Millennium Campaign, Asia, told TheNation in an exclusive interview on telephone. He argued that the economic crisis had provided an opportunity for the world, especially, attaining the development goals, but added the world powers should play their role to help the poor countries to sustain their economic growth. The group of 8 developed countries (G-8) should provide a compensation package of $300 billion in additional financing to the poorest countries over the next two years to counteract the loss in GPD and help them cope with the external shock and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. He also called on the developed world to put an end to the tariff protectionist polices to make flow of trade smoothly. The developed world should provide for aid for trade. When asked about the pace of achieving the MDGs, he replies, So far the issue is that Millennium Development Goals were signed in 2000 but it started implementing since 2002. Progress has been made in some areas as 100 million children have been enrolled in the schools. 34 countries debt has been cancelled and Official Development Assistance has been increased by 10.2 percent for the poor countries, Mr Minar indicated. He maintained there has been achievement in a number of areas. However, he added the governments needed a strong push to move the goals agenda forward. If there is a strong political will then we can achieve the millennium development goals by 2015, he affirmed. To a query, the UN senior official responded, Yes, the MDGs targets are realistic. We have all the resources then why we could not achieve the goals. Targets are practical. When the goals were setting, some quarters and also countries had termed these targets as minimal development goals. They were pushing some ambitious targets but these countries even are facing hardships to achieve the existing less ambitious goals. Under any circumstance UNMDGs would be pushed. This is appropriate time to make the trade freer and remove tariff protectionist policies. UN secretary general Ban K Moon wrote a letter to the heads of G 20, asking for a trillion dollar financing to help poor countries. The UN Millennium Campaign was established by UN Secy Gen Kofi Annan in 2002. The Campaign supports citizens efforts to hold their governments to account for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The Millennium Development Goals were adopted by 189 world leaders from the north and south, as part of the Millennium Declaration, which was signed in 2000. These leaders agreed to achieve the Goals by 2015. Our premise is simple: we are the first generation that can end poverty and we refuse to miss this opportunity. He stressed the global financial crisis needs to be discussed independent of aid towards MDG commitments. It was the responsibility of each individual country to deliver on the goals regardless of political difficulties.