The Water Accord of 1991 an attempt to build consensus on Kalabagh dam. The Accord allotted 37 percent each to Punjab and Sindh, 14 percent to NWFP, and 12 percent to Balochistan. But the NWFP can get this share of 14 percent only if there is a link canal between the Indus and the NWFP. Such a canal can physically exist only at Kalabagh dam, and not at Bhasha dam or any other site under consideration for a future dam. Hence the Accord, in allotting a share to the NWFP, had actually presumed a dam being built at the Kalabagh site. The 800,000 acres in NWFP along the Indus and 100-150 feet higher can get water through gravity flow only if level of the river is raised by building a dam. Water, thus, would cost Rs. 400 per acre, per year. Otherwise water brought up the plateau through a pumping operation would cost, believe it or not, a whopping Rs 5000 per acre per year. By opposing Kalabagh dam, the NWFP is cutting itself off from the Indus River for all times to come. I wonder if the farmers in NWFP know what their politicians are doing to them. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, March 31.