By the estimate of our government, we have suffered losses worth US$ 35 billion in the US war on terror. Thousands of our people have also died in this war. It is about time we demanded more actions like the current strategic dialogue between United States and Pakistan. The dialogue has given the relation between two countries a new bearing as some very vital subjects were given a fair hearing by Washington for the first time. They include the issues pertaining to the energy crisis and our need for military hardware. Most of the military equipment being used in the war by Pakistan Army comes from the US, China and France. Pakistani officials have indicated that we just might receive a fleet of unmanned-surveillance aircrafts, the so-called 'shadow drones from Washington after all. The strategic dialogue has ended with the promise of a new beginning and a day to day relation rather than a strategic one that is undertaken after long hiatuses of no talks. -ERAJ DANISH, Islamabad, April 2.