THAT the government has no intention of honouring the SC decision on the NRO is becoming ever more clear. The NAB chief informed the SC that letters to the Swiss authorities had been sent but yesterday it was learnt that while these letters may have been drafted, they had certainly not been sent anywhere and were merely lying with the Law Secretary at his home. In fact, a row has now broken out between the Law Minister and the Attorney General with the latter informing the SC that the former was deliberately putting hurdles in the implementation of the NRO verdict. Nothing could be more clear than this admission, regarding the intent of the government. Now the Attorney General has resigned and he has brought on the record the impediments being created by the Law Minister which the Secretary Law seems to be supporting. It is too bad that the bureaucracy has evolved a negative tradition of serving their political ministers rather than the state. Yet they are not servants of the government but of the state, so they have to be made accountable for their wrongdoings under orders from their ministers. After all, they have rules, regulations and procedures that they are meant to follow. Now that the government is coming out openly against the SC and its NRO verdict, the big question is how this verdict will see implementation by the state. The government is trying to politicise a legal issue in order to undermine its legitimacy. What is worse is the attempt to drag in their foreign masters into targeting our judiciary - with the US media being a ready supporter in this nefarious design. It seems justice for Pakistanis is not valued very highly by the US media and the government. After all, such justice demands the return of Dr Aafia; it also demands revelations of the complicity of the Musharraf regime with the US government in renditions of Pakistani citizens who are still euphemistically referred to as disappeared people - even though many may have been tortured and killed by Pakistani/US agencies. Finally there is the issue of the unquestioning support still being extended to the US and its questionable policies by the present leadership - almost a step beyond even what Musharraf was doing. So for all these reasons it should not surprise us to see our government exploiting the US media against the institution of the judiciary. Unfortunately for the US and for the government, the people continue to put their faith in the senior judiciary and want to see corruption and nepotism rooted out. That is why they will continue to back the judiciary and hope that the Law Minister and others of his ilk will be proceeded against for impeding the course of justice and the implementation of SC verdicts. It is time the ruling elite of Pakistan realised that it is not above the law and must pay for its excesses. That is why the implementation of the NRO verdict in all its aspects is vital for the future wellbeing of this nation.