ISLAMABAD - Due to sustained sever head injuries at the age of 6 months, Sameer Aziz could not return to normal life despite undergoing prolonged treatment and needs monetary support for treatment abroad. One and a half years back, Sameer was six-month old, fell down from the bed and got severe head injuries that also affected his eyesight and totally paralysed him. His treatment continued in the Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi (CMH) with the governments financial help. Despite prolonged treatment and four operations the baby is in critical condition. Medical report available with TheNation revealed doctor suggestion that his condition has not improved much and the infection persists. However, he may return to normal life by treatment abroad. However, his poor father Azizur Rehman who is working in a Pizza Hut at Saddar, Rawalpindi for only Rs 10,000 is not in a position to afford the expensive treatment in other country. Trying his best for the last one year for return of his son to the normal life, the father told that he had two children and hardly bore his daily expenses. He informed that he sent medical reports of his son to three countries in a hope that he might obtain financial help for getting treatment for his son abroad. With depressed faced, Azizur Rehman said he could not see his son in pain. Even though, it was not possible for me to manage fees of major surgery of my son in CMH, but with the financial help four operations of Sameer took place, he noted. According to doctors, he maintained, Now we have only hoped of treating our son abroad, but it is not possible for average income person even to bear treatment expenses in countrys hospitals. He appealed to the President and Prime Minister, Chief Minister Punjab and philanthropists for financial help. Contact number of Aziz is 03465938260 and Account number is 01200060007553.