KARACHI The Mohajir Rabita Council (MRC) on Friday demanded the govt to immediately retrieve occupied land from the land mafia in the provincial metropolis. Addressing a press conference, Mohajir Rabita Council (MRC) leaders Yaqoob Bandhani, Arshad Siddiqui and Tasaduq Hussain alleged that some govt high-ups were also involved in the grabbing of prime land in the City. They termed that it was a heinous crime to grab the land of ordinary people, saying that criminal elements of land mafia had been encroaching on the plots of common man through their armed associates. The MRC leaders further said that land mafia had occupied the prime land of Ittehad Town, Mangopir mountains, Tessar Town, Gaddap town and Gaghar-Phatak to Quaid-abad areas with the support of some influential people. They warned the criminal elements to immediately stop their illegal activities and encroachment of public and government property in the metropolis; else the Karachiites would protect their lands from the criminals of land-mafia. They regretted the criminal the silence of the Sindh government, the Police and other law enforcement agencies on the criminal acts of land-mafia. They demanded the government to take concrete measures to stop the land-grabbers and retrieve the land of common people from the land-grabbers.