LONDON (AFP) Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini will plead guilty to an improper conduct charge, which arose from his touchline spat with Everton boss David Moyes. Mancini and Moyes were involved in an angry confrontation as the Italian tried to wrestle the ball free towards the end of his sides 2-0 Premier League defeat last month. Moyes was reminded of his responsibilities last week and Mancini is ready to accept what is likely to be a mild rebuke when he appears at the FA next week. I will accept the charge. I wont fight it, said Mancini. It is important for me to stay calm but I always want to win. Every team is under pressure in the last few games. We had five minutes left against Everton and I wanted to get the ball. That is all I did. After the game I had a drink with David Moyes. There were no problems.