Fakir S Ayazuddin Pakistan today is facing even greater confusion after the landmark decision in the NRO case. The legal eagles of the PPP have shifted their target from the judgement to the judges, and the vilification has started from the US with the chorus picking up in Pakistan. The politicisation of the judges is under question by some members of the media most of whom have credentials that are doubtful at best. The Supreme Court judges have played out their role to the best of their ability, but the media being as free as it is, has the ability to cast doubts where none exist. Playing to their own political leanings. The main problem being the 'immunity issue which has not been specifically and finally dealt with. The latest debate that is surfacing is the reference of the immunity matter in a way to the Swiss Courts to decide. This is in itself is very incongruous and raises immediate questions. If indeed a bribe had been taken, and was proceeded against in Switzerland, for 'money laundering then it was upto the Pakistani courts to decide the crime and the punishment. Certainly, not to invite the Swiss Courts to decide on the matter of a criminal act by Pakistanis on Pakistani soil. This is tantamount to farming out our 'precious sovereignty to another country to pass judgement upon. These are Pakistanis and the bribes were taken or not taken on transactions in Pakistan. We cannot ask for a decision from foreign courts on ostensibly Pakistanis committing crimes on Pakistani soil. There goes our precious sovereignty. Neither can we ask for a ruling on whether Zardari is entitled to immunity in Switzerland. The answer to these questions was a swift why dont you try him in Pakistan. Therein lies the problem. The Supreme Court will have to decide for itself the 'immunity issue, and all the rest will follow after that, or not. Nothing less will do. After this issue has been dealt with the other smaller fry will automatically fall prey to the existing laws, which are more than adequate to give the requisite prison sentences as per our criminal codes, left us by the British, and still in force today. The only attempted major change was the NRO, a disgraceful attempt by the US and UK to impose an unpleasant and illegal change in our legal system to legalise corruption and corrupt acts which are forbidden in their own countries, and for which many of their politicians are languishing in jail for these very crimes - and of course all other privileges. So unlike Pakistan, where a current member of the National Assembly was seen on a TV talk show insisting that he had the right to be corrupt. He has not been questioned by his party leader, or by the opposition or by the speaker for violating his oath of office as a member of the August Assembly. Surely, this statement invites the label of a House of crooks and thieves The honourable judges of the Supreme Court have unfortunately skirted the main issue, which is the 'immunity plan, the cornerstone of the present PPP-Z house of cards. Once this issue is resolved then the government - any government, can begin functioning. Till that time the Rahman Maliks, the Salman Faruquis, et al will continue as ministers on bail. A new Cabinet post that may soon find itself as a gazette notification. Minister on bail, already has a nice ring to it. The writer is a political analyst. Website: www.fakirayaz.com