I was confined to my house on Thursday April 1 as the honourable guest from brotherly country Turkey was visiting Lahore. Nearly all roads were closed for general public. Next day, that is Friday April 2, I managed to reach the place of my work before nine as the Mall was clear. The Mall was dotted with hundreds of huge portraits and pictures. There were some pictures of old monuments of Turkey but mostly, to my utter dismay, portraits of Mr Zardari, Mr Gilani, Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif. Only about ten percent were that of our revered guest. I wonder why our rulers indulge so much in self-glorification? And why, in the name of God, did we have pictures of Nawaz Sharif on this occasion? The adornments on the Mall also included installations representing old monuments of Turkey. But a finer point here is that most of the monuments chosen to be represented were the Turkish architectural heritage of Greek and Roman persuasions, reminders of the ancient past when these two empires ruled in succession over the area now called Turkey. Why were these (essentially) Greek and Roman monuments chosen when Turkey has hundreds of historic Islamic monuments? I am sure there was none in Punjab government who could advise the masters on matters of architectural heritage and the symbolism and sensibilities that relate to it. -PROFESSOR DR NASIM BAIG ANSARI, Lahore, April 2.