Former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf will meet members of Pakistan's senate and assemblies in the UAE and the former president who was forced to quit office is weighing his options to float a political party, after the expiry of a two-year ban on him from taking part in active politics. "Discussions are going on at the moment and at least 35-40 parliamentarians of different political parties are going to meet the former general. A political party is, however, still in the realm of speculation," the aide was quoted as saying by media reports. "Talks have not yet reached a decisive phase," he added. "Musharraf is going to be in the UAE for the next 10 days during which he will hold discussions with leaders of different political parties," he further said. Reports emanating from Islamabad had earlier said that a political party was to be launched in Dubai on April 2 by the former president. "He hasn't decided anything but is definitely meeting up with a lot of people from across the political spectrum in Pakistan," he added. According to him, Musharraf is at the moment looking at the different options. Those who have been invited to Dubai for the meeting include close aides of Musharraf like former interior minister Faisal Saleh Hayat, former information minister Muhammad Ali Durrani and some members of the dissident faction of the PML-Q. Reports said Musharraf would assume a position in the party after it is formally launched. Musharraf has lived outside Pakistan since mid-April last year. He left Pakistan after a slew of cases were filed against him in courts across the country. His close aides have hinted that Musharraf could make a formal return to politics in November, after the end of a two-year bar on him being involved in active politics. The former President was forced to step down as army chief in November 2008 and existing rules bar him from active politics for two years.