KARACHI (PR) - The PIA carries out major maintenance and refurbishing of its existing fleet every five years. Spokesman said that new livery design has been approved by PIA Board of Directors under which 39 aircrafts of the fleet are being decorated with the National Flag and Pakistan will be boldly written on the belly to be readable at lower heights during landing and take-off. Golden stripe added to the existing streak of Beige and Green colours. He said that numerous requests of passengers, Pakistani expatriates and citizens of the country were sent to the airline management leading to Product Improvement Plan; the livery change is being done in-house by PIAs engineering department and livery design will be changed during scheduled grounding of aircraft at the time of major maintenance checks. As per the airlines maintenance program, all aircraft are repainted after approximately after 5 years, and in due process the livery will be changed gradually over a period of one and a half years time after which the entire fleet of PIA which includes B777s, B747s, A310s and ATR42 aircraft will have fresh design.