The progress of a nation comes to a halt when the parliamentarians elected by masses to guard their interests turn coat and start working for the interests of cartels and mafias. This is what has happened in Pakistan as the Ordinance for Competition Commission of Pakistan 2007, which was to be presented before Parliament latest by the 26th of March 2010, has been allowed to lapse. The CCP Ordinance had been promulgated by the previous regime with a proclaimed aim of promoting healthy business practices and protecting consumers legitimate interests. The ordinance provided a legal framework to create a business environment based on healthy competition to improve economic efficiency, develop competitiveness and protect consumers from anti-competitive practices. The agents of cartels sitting in the Parliament and cabinet, though, were determined from day one that it would not be so. So they resolutely stalled every attempt to present the ordinance in Parliament for becoming a law. Now that they are successful, it might never be. The present government, popular and representative of people by its own claims, has been dragging its feet for more than two years now on a law that would arguably do more for people than most others on the statute books. Now it has allowed the ordinance to lapse despite immense furor from various consumer protection organizations, leaving people of Pakistan at the mercy of sugar, cement, atta, auto and various other cartels, which already operate with impunity and might procreate innumerable new ones in the absence of any law to deter monopolistic business in the country. The revival of Competition Commission of Pakistan is a question of utmost public importance. I make an appeal to the President and Prime Minster of Pakistan to restore CCP Ordinance immediately and ensure that it is passed by both houses of Parliament to become law of the land. -MUSHTAQE AHMED AKHUND, Hyderabad, April 1.