ISLAMABAD - Welcoming the US economic assistance package passed under the Kerry Lugar Act (KLA), Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani underlined the need for its expeditious disbursement so that the people of the regions effected by Pakistans campaign against militancy and terrorism, could see tangible results in terms of rebuilding the infrastructure and socio-economic development of their areas. Talking to the US Congress member Ms Sheila Jackson Lee, who along with US Ambassador Anne W. Patterson called on him at the Prime Ministers House here on Friday afternoon, the Premier commended her contributions as the Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson of Pakistan Caucus at the Capitol Hill and her ceaseless efforts in removing the misgivings and misperceptions on both sides to bring Pakistan and US ever closer. The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction on the successful conclusion of fourth round of Pakistan-USA Strategic Dialogue held last month and hoped that this process would be carried forward by visible results of the bilateral cooperation through high visibility projects in energy, education, health, agriculture, water and infrastructure development fields. He emphasised the imperative of the economic relief to the people of Pakistan for retaining their overwhelming support in the ongoing campaign against the terrorism and hoped that US Government, with the help of Congress, would be able to provide enhanced trade concessions to Pakistan. He pointed out that long delayed passage of ROZ Bill had hindered the efforts for creating job opportunities for the youths of the FATA areas, and the US Congress should help Pakistan by early passage of this Bill for redressing the situation. The Prime Minister stated that his Government wanted to develop a long-term sustainable strategic partnership with the US and the commendable roles of President Obama, his Administration as well as of friends of Pakistan like Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee were crucial to take the existing cordial relations to the new heights. The Prime Minister underscored the fact that despite unmatched and unparalleled human sacrifices suffered and the economic cost born by Pakistan in war against terrorism, his Government had remained steadfast and will keep resolutely pursuing the common goal of eradicating this menace. But the international community, and in particular the US, must step forward to help Pakistan win this war. Pakistan did not discriminate between good and bad militants and its policy was quite clear in allowing only those elements back in the mainstream fold who are willing to lay down their arms and denounce terrorism. He said that Pakistan considers stability and security of Afghanistan as its own and had repeatedly expressed its willingness to help Afghanistan in building capacity of its Police, the Army and civil bureaucrats as well as its other institutions through technical assistance. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee profusedly lauded Prime Ministers superb leadership in consensus building on important national initiatives and congratulated him on successfully taking along all the political stakeholders in the country, for presenting a consensus Constitutional Reforms Package in the Parliament. She assured the Prime Minister that she will continue to be the voice of Pakistan in the US Congress in bringing the two countries ever closer through every possible endeavour. Congresswoman Lee apprised the Prime Minister that she was working with the US Commerce Secretary for his visit to Pakistan along with a large US corporate leader delegation in the near future to bolster the bilateral economic cooperation through investment. Besides her Pakistan Caucus in the Congress, she was looking with the Congressional leadership to fast track the passage of the ROZ Bill. She also informed the Prime Minister that she would soon again be visiting Pakistan along with Senator Tom Harkins who had special interest and expertise in development of agriculture sector to find the ways and means for assisting Pakistan in that field. She acknowledged Pakistans great human and material sacrifices and its pivotal role in the war against terror and assured the Prime Minister that President Obama and his administration as well as the US Congress were mindful of Pakistans urgent needs of economic and military assistance. She invited the Prime Minister to visit Capitol Hill during his forthcoming visit to Washington DC to meet the Congressional leaders and to address the members of the Foreign Relations Committee and Pakistan Caucus. Minister for Defence Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar, Minister for Foreign Affairs Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Advisor to Prime Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Senator Syeda Sughra Imam, Secretaries Defence, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Interior also attended the meeting.