KARACHI - Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister and PML-F leader Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh while expressing his concern, demanded inquiry into the matter of omission of two issues of multiple criteria for resource distribution and GST on services from the NFC document signed by President Asif Zardari Addressing a press conference at his office on Friday, he said that Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah also protested the deletion of two consensus paragraphs from the seventh National Finance Commission (NFC) Award, which came into effect through Presidential Order last month. He supported the initiative of the Sindh CM in which he had registered his formal protest in a letter to President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, adding that whether the act of omitting two paragraphs relating to multiple criteria and GST on services which to be transferred to the provinces under new NFC award, was a human error or had been done deliberately by the Finance Ministry. The PML-F leader termed the deletion of important paragraph from NFC documents as conspiracy to create rift among the provinces and demanded inquiry into the matter. He also demanded that water accord 1991 must be implemented in letter and sprit, saying that people of Sindh would not accept any ministerial agreement or other adhoc arrangement in water distribution. Shaikh said that Sindh was facing water shortage, which needs urgent implementation of the water accord signed by four provinces unanimously in Nawaz Sharif government in 1991. Talking about upcoming local government elections, the PML-F said that his party is going to start campaign to contact with the public, however the partys provincial president Pir Sadruddin Shah Rashdi will start visit of Sindh. He announced that candidates of PML-F would contest local government elections from all over the province. The party can start negotiations to make seat adjustment in elections, but final decision will be of partys chief Pir Pagaro, he said. To a question about possibility of further extension in the time period to delay the local government elections, Imtiaz Shaikh said that PPP leadership or Chief Minister has not indicated this with the his party, so we hoped that elections will be held within prescribed schedule given in the local government bill passed by the Sindh Assembly. He demanded that the local government must be held in stipulated time, adding that his party has been assured by the PPP leadership for holding of LG elections on time. Advisor to Chief Minister said that there has been no consensus developed on the new law of local government among the coalition partners. He said that the draft law for new local government system prepared by the PML-Fs legal team has been forwarded to the coalition partners; however it has not come under discussion, so far, adding that this proposal can provide salvation of the problems.