LAHORE - Recent raise in petroleum tariff and unstoppable price-hike is causing frustration among the masses by multiplying their miseries. These views were expressed by the speakers in a seminar on 'Raise in petrol and gas tariffs and its impact at Hameed Nizami Hall on Friday. Chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Engineer Saleemullah Khan, MPA Seemal Kamran, leader of a Railways Union Shaukat Chaudhry and Dr Salman Jafri spoke on the occasion. Engineer Saleemullah Khan addressing the seminar said the raise in petroleum prices with the unanimous constitutional package tabled in the National Assembly did not make people happy rather it has intensified their worries. He, while giving statistics, said masses will have to pay more than Rs530 billion due to raise in petrol prices, Rs800 billions for interest on loans taken by the government from IMF, while about Rs232 billion for taxes, levied by the government on the directives of IMF. He stressed the need of an organised revolution in the country, as only solution to the problems of the people of the country especially price-hike. He said IMF forced the government to raise the petroleum goods tariff, which is a conspiracy against the people of Pakistan who are already overburdened due to price-hike. He said the prices of diesel are half of the petrol prices across the world while rate of diesel in Pakistan is higher than petrol. He suggested that the wages of the labourers must be equal to 12 gram of gold as were at the time of creation of the country. Seemal Kamran, Member Provincial Assembly in her address said the rulers are not only responsible for price-hike in the country but those who elected them are equally responsible for that. She said price-hike directly hit the middle class and the poor. She said that as a result of raise in petrol tariff, the prices of other commodities would also be increased. She criticised the policies of federal as well as provincial governments holding them responsible for worrying the citizens, terming the rulers civil dictators. She said all the politicians including the ruling parties are busy in tabling the 18th constitutional amendment instead of resolving the problems of the citizens. She said the textile sector have collapsed due to loadshedding while the agriculture sector is on the verge of collapse but the rulers have no concern with it. She said Punjab government is levying value added tax, which would further trouble the masses. She said provincial government had bankrupted and State Bank had refused to release loan to Punjab government while the government is appointing its blue-eyed on the attractive posts with huge salary packages. Shaukat Chaudhry said our country is rich in natural resources but the citizens are in trouble due to price-hike as result of ineffective policies of the government. He said the rates of daily use commodities rarely increase in European countries but in Pakistan the daily use commodities are going beyond the reach of the citizens day by day. Dr Salman Jafri said price-hike was causing irritation among the citizens as a large number of citizens are becoming mentally sick. He said the youth could play important role with their struggle to change the system, free of price-hike.