KARACHI (PPI) - All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries Friday held a protest demonstration against Value Added Tax at M A Jinnah Road. Central leader of All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries Mehboob Azam, Osman Sharif, Mehmood Hamid, Haroon Chand and others while addressing the protesters criticised the government for imposing Value Added Tax. Mehboob Azam said that it would be better for us to windup our businesses rather than paying this cruel tax. He said that today we reject Value Added Tax, which is a part of agenda of IMF and WB to kill our economy. He demanded of the rulers to curtail their luxurious expanses. They also condemned the recent rise in oil prices and demand to reduce it. Osman Sharef and other trader leader said that VAT is new face of old General Sales Tax. They said traders have already been suffering from inflation, taxes and load shading, and they cannot bear any further tax. They said the government has completely failed in maintaining law and order so it has no right to collect taxes. They said that VAT is a drone attack on our economy. They urged to issue immediately Rs28.3m as announced by former City Nazim for affectees of Bolton Market arson tragedy. They warned that if govt failed to withdraw the VAT and recent rise in oil prices traders will protest all over the Pakistan and the government will be responsible for all consequences. Participants of demonstration chanted slogans against government, IMF and land mafia and then dispersed peacefully.