LAHORE - Information Secretary Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Omar Sarfaraz Cheema has said that the party will launch countrywide protest drive against rampant loadshedding and price-hike from Sunday (tomorrow). Addressing a press conference here on Friday, he said the PTI had strong association with the nation and it would raise voice for the right of masses. Javed Iqbal, Saloni Bokhari, Talat Naqvi, Amin Zaki and Mian Khalid were also present. Cheema said the people voted for the present rulers with the hope to get their problems resolved but the situation had gone from bad to worse. He lamented that the rulers were spending huge amount from the national exchequer on their personal security while leaving the nation on the mercy of looters. Not only the rulers have usurped the rights of the people but have also inflicted untold miseries on them in the shape of loadshedding, unemployment, and inflation, he stated. Under such circumstances, PTI cannot play traditional politics. PTI has decided to launch a practical and direct movement to alleviate the sufferings of the masses. The movement will start from April 4 with a series of peaceful protests, rallies and seminars to compel the rulers to solve problems of the masses, he said, adding that the rulers should resign if they could not resolve problems of the masses. He said the PTI would invite all the likeminded political parties, trade unions and civil society organisations to participate in this struggle for reducing the miseries of common man. He said a committee had been formed, which would take on board different political parties. Welcoming the constitutional package to repeal the 17th Amendment, he said the PTI had some reservations over constitution of the judicial commission and renaming of NWFP province. He said a referendum should be carried out to take on board all the people in the province over the issue of renaming the NWFP.