LAHORE - PML-N Senator Pervez Rashid while welcoming the constitutional package has said his party would play a positive role of Opposition in the parliament. Talking to The Nation, he said his party would never pull down the government however it will not hesitate to criticise if the government policies would not be according to national and the public interests. To a question about not rejoining the federal cabinet, he said PPP and PML-N are two different parties with respective manifestos as such his party did not necessarily want to join the cabinet, a matter, which he added, was also not discussed during Prime Minster and PML-N Quaid meeting at Raiwind. To a question on previously joining the cabinet, Senator Rashid said at that time the PML-N joined the central government for the sake of restoration of judiciary and implementation of the charter of democracy and they parted ways when the PPP did not fulfil the commitment on both. Now he said, judiciary stands restored and the COD implemented so no cause to rejoin the cabinet. Dispelling the impression that the PML-N did not want to share the failures of the government by joining the cabinet, he said both the parties have their own way to perform according to their manifesto. He said the PML-N would deliver when the people would mandate it to rule and at present the people had mandated it to perform Opposition which it was doing. He said they would do positive Opposition unlike the past when the Opposition remained busy to pull down the governments. However he said, the PML-N would not spare the government whenever it went wrong or did against the national interests. Commenting the 18th Constitutional amendment, he said it aimed at laying the system of governance wherein a number of things were unsettled since inception of the country. He said it was now up to the politicians to make it a success wherein the most important role has to be played by government itself. Given the present situation, he said, the politicians have to deliver to the cause of public welfare and to make the system a success wherein margin of error was very thin at present. US continues to dictate rulers: JI Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has said that the 18th amendment would be of no use if the problems of the masses were not solved, the country remained under the grip of the IMF and the US continued to dictate the rulers. Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora Mosque, he said a meaningful change could not be struck without eliminating the fountainheads of oppression. Munawar Hassan said democracy calls for elimination of the role of the armed forces and the agencies in politics. He said the military high-ups should be asked not to meet the Americans, and the Americans also be told to settle issues with the political government instead of running to the armed forces. He stressed that all the institutions should function within the constitution. If the Supreme Court 17-member judgment delivered in December last year was not implemented even in April, 2010, it would amount to negation of democracy and law, he added.