We Pakistanis always behave like cowards when other nations take advantage of us. That is the case as India has cut us off from our share of water from River Indus. The Indian intent and designs are hegemonic. My view is that as equal shareholders of the Indus Basin Waters Treaty, it is our right to ensure that we get our due share, especially at a time like this when we are suffering from a huge deficiency of water bordering on a veritable scarcity crisis. In these critical times, we can ill-afford loss of any share as water is essential for our economy. It is also, by the way, vitally important for the countrys defence as the Chenab canal network is our first designated line of defence. Without this, the conventional defence of realm is impossible. It is good that some voices are being raised now on our side about the Indian attempts at depriving us of our share. But a report on March 28 said the Pakistani allegations of violation of the 1960 Indus Water Treaty have been summarily rejected by India. New Delhi has said it is implementing the accord in letter and spirit. The Indian Commissioner on Indus Water Treaty has since come to Pakistan with a five-point agenda to discuss the long pending river water sharing issue. The Pakistani Commissioner on Indus Water Treaty has also expressed hope that differences between the two sides would be soon narrowed down. But we all know based on our long experience of Pak-India disputes that they wont. Pakistan is set opposed to the Kishan-Ganga Hydropower Project on the Neelum River in Kashmir through which, according to allegation being leveled by Islamabad, India is diverting waters of Neelum River on its side. That is a violation of Indus Water Treaty and might have serious consequential impact of causing 27% water deficit on our side after completion of the project. In recent years, our wheat crop has been the biggest casualty (among others) of this Indian diversion of water. With Himalayan glaciers melting at the rate they are, our land is dying of thirst. New Delhi is deftly exploiting this situation by building a series of dam to choke us from the jugular. -IQRA SARFARAZ, Karachi, April 1.