KARACHI The Sindh Tennis Association, which has been criticised for offering small prize money in a number of events held in the past, has finally succeeded in persuading sponsors to substantially increase prize money in the coming 6th Pizza Hut Sindh Open Tennis Championships which begins here April 16 at Beach View Club DHA club on Deco turf surface. The championships will carry total prize money of Rs. 75,000 which will be given in singles events only up to the runner-up except in the mens singles where cash prizes would be given up to the quarter finals. The coming event has been termed as Super Series because of the enhanced prize money and the participants would be given bigger number of ranking points than other events organised by the STA. The STA has two other categories of Tournaments Grade-One, having prize money of Rs 20,000 to 59,000 and Grade B, having less then 20,000 prize money. All Super Series Tournaments will have prize Money above 6000. And accordingly participants get different ranking points in different grade championships. In the last edition of the event sponsored by Pizza Hut, total prize money was 30,000. This year, sponsors have increased the prize money by 150 per cent. Prize money shall be given in all singles events to winners & runners up except men s singles in which prize money shall be given till quarter Finals. Events to be contested are, mens singles, ladies singles, juniors under-17 singles, boys under-15 Singles, boys and girls Under-13 singles, boys under 11 singles, boys under 9 singles , men ,s doubles, boys under 15 doubles. Entry fee is Rs 200. All outstation players will get Rs. 300 per day as daily allowance until elimination. All coaches, ball boys & out station players are exempted from entry fee. (one event). Beside prize money and daily allowances all out station seeded players will also be entitled for two way Air conditioned Bus or Railway Economy class fare on production of tickets. The STA will also organise 5th Pizza Hut Inter School Team Championship from April 21 at same venue. Last date of entry for individual events is April 14 and for Inter School Championship is April 19. Karim Gul will act as organising secretary. Entry forms are available at Beach View Club and leading clubs of Karachi, where as all out station players should send their entries through their respective Provincial or District Tennis association to Muhammad Khalid Rehmani, Secretary Sindh Tennis Association. It may also be noted that all participants must carry TPIN cards and show it at the entrance of club. Those who are playing for the first time should bring two small photographs for registration and TPIN card.