AUGUSTA (Georgia) (AFP) Golf fans are accustomed to seeing Tiger Woods make miraculous shots from bad lies on courses, but now he must try to overcome the lies he told for years in a sordid life of secret sex affairs. Having betrayed loved ones with notions of entitlement and iconic hubris, Woods faces his toughest adversary his own temptations in a fight to regain trust from family, friends, fans and sponsors that can last a lifetime. I was living a life of a lie, Woods told ESPN in March. I was doing a lot of things that hurt a lot of people. Im as disappointed as everyone else in my own behavoir because I cant believe I actually did that to the people I love. More than a dozen women have claimed sexual affairs with Woods, who denied none of them. From pornographic film stars to waitresses to nightclub hostesses, Woods cheated on wife Elin, a model and mother of his two children. I hurt so many people by my own reckless attitude and behavoir, Woods said. I made my mistakes. Ive hurt so many people. There are so many people I have to make amends to thats (by) living a life of amends. Woods, a master of control on the golf course, was known for rarely losing a lead over the final holes. But in his secret life, Woods knew he was out of control. I tried to stop and I couldnt. It was horrific, Woods said. It was really tough to look at what I had become. Thats pretty brutal. I saw a person I never thought I would ever become. Its hard to believe that was me. Watching Woods make amazing golf shots, people could not believe their eyes. Now those same fans struggle to believe anything he says. Sponsors who made Woods the first one billion-dollar sportsman figure to judge Woods in part by how he is received by the public in his comeback. Could fewer late-night liasons have brought even greater success for Woods? Neither he nor golf fans will ever know what was lost, how many titles he might he have won had he not been on the prowl for women as well as championships. I stopped living by the core values that I was taught to believe in, Woods said in a February apology statement. I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules didnt apply. I was wrong, I was foolish. I dont get to play by different rules. Woods saw his zealously guarded private life become front-page tabloid news and internet gossip headlines after an early morning November car crash near his home that led to him being hospitalized. Coming just after the first reports of infidelity, Woods would see woman after woman come forward detailing relationships. One revealed a phone message purportedly from him. Woods soon after admitted wrongdoing. Ive done some pretty bad things, Woods said. I take full ownership of it. I did it. No one else but me. Later came confessions that he had cheated on his wife and 45 days of therapy, with Woods seen at a clinic known for treatment of sex addiction, part of the therapy including full confession of wrongdoing to those he betrayed. I had a lot of low points, Woods said. When I never thought it could get lower, it got lower. Woods said in therapy he set aside denial and rationalizations, termed his cheating disgusting, irresponsible and selfish. Strip all that away and you are faced with the truth, Woods said. You face it and live up to it and recognize it. The strength I feel now, I have never felt that type of strength. I know what I have to do and thats become a better person. Woods knows how he wants to be judged in his second chance. Its my actions over time, he said. I have a lot to atone for. Unable to turn back the clock, Woods comes to a crossroads about how much he wants to fight for his marriage and to reclaim some part of the respect earned from his foundation work with youth, something Woods and his late father Earl dreamed about. As a 71-time US PGA winner with 14 major titles and now in his 15th PGA season, Woods does not have to worry about keeping his tour status as he chases the record 18 major titles of Jack Nicklaus and 82 US PGA titles of Sam Snead. Woods says he has re-embraced Buddhism to help his rehabilitation, having been taught the faith by his Thai mother Kultida but noting, Obviously I lost track of what I was taught. Woods now wears a Buddhist wristband. Its for protection and strength, Woods said. I certainly need that.