WASHINGTON US officials will depend on an intelligence-driven system of air travel security rather than relying on increased scrutiny on people from mostly Muslim countries, including Pakistan. Nationals from 14 countries had been undergoing increased searches following a Christmas Day attempt to set off a bomb on a US jetliner bound for Detroit. US President Barack Obama ordered a review of protocols related to travel to the United States. The Department of Homeland Security released the finding of that study later Friday Pulling back from the extra attention paid to travellers from the 14 countries and focus on threats intelligence gathering has uncovered. The list of countries also included Nigeria, which was the home of the Christmas Day bombing suspect, Syria, Lebanon and Cuba. The New York Times said the system is expected to draw attention to potential threats from people whose names arent necessarily on no-fly lists but still have smaller suspicious actions and traits that call for extra screening prior to getting on a US-bound flight. This is not a system that can be called profiling in the traditional sense. It is intelligence-based, an unnamed White House official claimed in an interview with the Times. Whether the new system is merely cosmetic, as many here believe, or a departure from the past practices remains to be seen.