After 9/11 great many changes occurred in the world in general and in Islamic world in particular. The Arab spring is an evident example in which dwellers of Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Jordan revolted against despotic rule, autocracy, bad governance and corruption. The regime change in Libya and unrest in Syria was invigorated and supported by US and its close allied powers. If we compare the unrest in Bahrain and Syria, it is clarified that majority of Bahraini multitude oppose King Khalifa as contrast to Bashar al Asad. We see foreign army intervention under the umbrella of Gulf Cooperation Council in Bahrain while its own national army is involved in Syria. Al-Khalifa regime got help of mercenaries from Pakistan, Bangladesh and some of Arab word to suppress anti-regime protestors but no such reports came from Asad regime. Being the home of US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, Bahrain has no international sanctions while US, EU and Arab League have imposed sanctions on Syria. Western media attention towards Bahrain is marginal which it is overwhelming in Syria. Lastly, Bahraini protestors are unarmed but Syrian protestors do have sophisticated and modern weapons smuggled from neighboring countries. Despite these undeniable facts Uncle Sam terms peaceful protestors of Bahrain as rebels while armed Syrian protestors as freedom fighters, which is beyond imagination.


Islamabad, March 31.