ISLAMABAD - Although in compliance with the apex court and government’s directives the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis has started the process of regularisation of OPF Girls College, F-8/2 employees but not in accordance with date of appointments, according to the directives, that has mounted anxiety among them.

According to information, nearly 450 teaching and non-teaching staff of the college has been working in the college for the last 10 to15 and even 20 years on the same posts and neither they were promoted to the next grades nor their services were regularised.

Among them 260 are teachers and 190 are administrative staff members. The Supreme Court in a decision on June 2, 2010 had directed the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis to regularise the entire teaching and non-teaching staff from the date of their appointments. And by regularising the staff from 2010, according to officials, the ministry has been defying the Supreme Court orders citing financial constraints.

‘Recently two lower grade employees were died and they were given nothing after serving the institution their whole life’ informed an employee.

‘The death of these two employees have worried the whole staff of the institution who have no representation or association to raise their issue or to convey them to the concerned departments’.

The employees regret that the Foundation has regularized few employees from initial date of appointments but only those who had strong connections or sources with the high ups of the ministry or within the judiciary.  

The employees believe that before the new appointments the old staff should to be promoted to the vacant seats. ‘Neglecting the already working staff for years and appointing new faculty members on regular posts has created resentment among them.

The new appointments have also troubled the administration in adjusting them as the faculty has not been hired according to the set standards’ alleged an official.

The principal of college Shahina Masood could not be reached despite repeated attempts.

The employees have also been demanding an increase in the medical allowance with effect from July 1, 2010 as announced by the government in budget 2010-2011 for all the government employees but the college employees have not been paid the increased amount.

Under the ministry about 28 school and colleges across the country are functional but due to absence of any associations and unions the employees have more or less the same issues. The employees of OPF Boys College have also been demanding the payment of increased medical allowance and arrears.