LAHORE – A ceremony to launch a book “Waddey Lok, Waddian Gallan” comprising Punjabi articles by a famous poet and journalist Tanvir Zahoor.was held on his residence. Shariq Nizami presided over the ceremony.

Shariq Nizami in his address said that Zahoor’s book was a result of his 40 year old literary and journalistic life that would be used as a reference book.

“Waddey Lok, Waddian Gallan” has two parts. The first one consists of articles on 37 living personalities that have been expired including Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ustad Daman, Sadiqain, Munir Niazi, Farkhanda Lodhi, Masaud Khaddar Posh, Ahmad Rahi, Sharif Kunjahi, Sajjah Haider, Dr Hasan Rizvi, Syne Akhtar and others whereas the second part contains essays on 17 figures.