At least 12 persons were killed and dozens of others injured in the incidents of violence in Gilgit and Chilas on Tuesday. Gunmen opened fire and killed six passengers in Chilas. According to official sources, the passengers were taken off buses and were then killed. Six buses were also set ablaze. Earlier at least five people were killed and around 50 injured after unidentified persons threw a hand grenade on a protest rally near Gari Bagh in Gilgit. The city was already observing a strike and later a curfew was imposed after it virtually turned into a battleground between rival sects. Firing was reported despite the imposition of a curfew. The rally was called by Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) for release of one of its leader who was detained earlier. According to sources, two motor cyclists lobbed the grenade and fled, leaving dozens injured. Local volunteers amid firing shifted the injured to hospitals where hundreds of people turned up to donate blood. Despite the announcement of a curfew, rival sects continued firing at each other, while the government warned residents to stay inside their houses or they would be shot dead. According to sources, several people were stranded at various locations due to the curfew and constant firing. The situation is said to be highly precarious due to indiscriminate firing. In a separate incident, assailants killed a man while he was in the lawn of his house in Majini Muhalla. The ISPR stated that the Army has been summoned to Gilgit to control the law and order situation. Eyewitnesses said that the district administration and law enforcement agencies were not present to control the violent situation whereas fear gripped the entire area after the hostility.