The prestigious “Science” Journal of 24-02-2012 has reported that A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has inaugurated a centre of excellence in aero-dynamics in Banglore, India in November 2011.  Indo Russian missile maker Brah Mos Aerospace helped bankroll the centre at the Indian Institute of Science as a testing ground for its next generation Brah Mos-II missiles and hypersonic space vehicles. The octogenarian Kalam former President of India urged Brah Mos to pioneer a reusable hypersonic cruise missile that would return after dropping a payload-a-feat that could rival technology under development in the United States. It is proposed that our missile experts like Dr. Samarmand Mubarak may utilize their expertise in further refining our missile development in addition to producing energy from coal gas derived from underground coal. We must develop our missile science to equate with Indian research efforts.


Lahore, April 2.