LAKKI MARWAT – Elders of Marwat Qaumi Jirga have reaffirmed that they would not tolerate sabotaging activities on their soil nor would they allow anyone to use their soil for carrying out terror acts.

In a joint meeting with army officials in military base camp in the district headquarters hospital Tajazai the other day, the elders and army officials expressed their satisfaction over the overall law and order situation in the district. They reiterated that they would not compromise on peace and would continue collective/joint efforts to ensure durable peace in the district.

“We have shun our all sorts of differences for the sake of peace and tranquility in the area”, said a former bureaucrat Akhtar Munir Marwat.  He said that jirga elders besides backing security forces would also support their actions against militants.

Marwat said that the enemies of country, its people and army were our enemies and they would be defeated at all costs.

Among others Station Commander Bannu Brig Akhtar Nawaz, Lt Col Muhammad Kashif Sarwar Alam, DCO Nisar Ahmad, MNA Humayun Saifullah Khan, MPA Naseer Muhammad Khan Maidadkhel, former tehsil nazim Fareedullah Khan, Maulana Muhammad Mohsin Shah, Maulana Abdul Rahim, Maulana Aghar Ali, engineer Ameer Nawaz Khan, Hashim Khan and army and civil officials attended the meeting.

Other elders suggested that army officials should keep a close liaison with the members of Marwat Qaumi Jirga and peace committees as it would be helpful for sustainable peace in the district. “By supporting security forces and launching actions against terrorists at their own in the past the residents and elders have proved that they would protect their soil from the menace of militancy at all costs”, they maintained.

Brig Nawaz appreciated the role of Marwat people in the war against terror and said that along with security forces the residents of the district especially the elders had the credit for flushing out militants and maintaining sustainable peace in the region.

He said that with the support of people the security forces and law enforcement agencies had rooted out the menace of militancy. “The security and law and order situation is quite satisfactory in the district as compared to other parts of the province”, he added. He said that such joint meetings of elders and army officials would be held after each three months to strengthen cooperation and discuss law and order situation.