KARACHI - The price of LPG has been slashed by Rs 10 per kilogram after a long time as local producers decreased its price by Rs 10,000 to Rs 104,500 per ton effective from April 3, 2012.

This was stated by the Chairman of FPPCI Standing Committee on LPG and Pattern in Chief of All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association (APLGDA) Abdul Hadi Khan here on Monday.

He pointed out that domestic price of 11.8 kilo cylinder has been dropped by Rs 118 and 45.4 kg cylinder by Rs 454. Hadi alleged that local producers were not decreasing local price in accordance with the decline of international price and thus depriving millions of consumers from the actual benefit.

He said that LPG will be selling at Rs 125-126 per kilo in Sindh, Karachi, Punjab and Lahore Rs 131-132 per kg in KPK and Rs 136-138 kg in FATA, Northern Areas, AJK and Swat.

He said 11.8 kilo cylinder will be sold at Rs 1360.1370 in Sindh and Punjab, Rs 1400-1410 in KPK, Rs 1450 in Swat and Batagram, Rs 1500 in FATA, AJK and Northern Areas. Similarly, 45.4 kg cylinder will be sold at Rs 5276-5280 in Sindh and Punjab, Rs 5430-5413 in KPK, Rs 5585-5595 in Swat, Batagram, Rs 5812-5822 in FATA, AJK and Northern Areas.

Hadi said through local producers have decreased LPG prices to a some extent the business activities have been stopped for the last one year. He noted that LPG sale could pick in the wake of rising petrol and CNG prices, but this need an effective and integrated line of action with involvement of all stakeholders. This included an introduction of a policy to further cut LPG prices.