LAHORE – Following his brother and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif on Monday morning also left for Dubai on a two-day private visit. Shahbaz Sharif on Friday had left for London on a brief visit.

Sources claimed that Nawaz Sharif during his visit will also proceed to London the same evening, however, the PML-N quarters concerned did not confirm it and said Nawaz Sharif visit was limited to Dubai where he had some private family matter. They have said the party quaid already has scheduled appointments and engagements at home as such he is not expected to stay beyond two days or leave Dubai for London where his spouse and other sons reside. Nawaz Sharif is due to meet Sindh National Front Chairman Mumtaz Bhutto on April 4 and on April 6, he has to visit Pashawar where former PML(Q) Khyber PK President and former federal minister Ameer Muqam will announce his joining the PML(N). 

At the same time sources in the party do not rule out the possibility of very short visit of Nawaz Sharif to London to know the health of his ailing spouse. However, no definite programme is there so far. Shahbaz Sharif will back home on Wednesday.

The back to back visit of the Sharifs, however, has sparked rumours among their critiques as they are giving different interpretation to the same, which coincidently or otherwise has been coming about in the past when serious issues gripped the country and the people confronted with the problems.

At present PCNS recommendations on framing a fresh foreign policy and strategic partnership with the US after November 26 attack by Nato on Pakistani check-posts in Salala is a hot issue on the Opposition side led by PML(N) which has also announced a movement and a long march against the protracted loadshedding of electricity whereof industry in Punjab have been adversely affected in addition to serious problems in the domestic.