The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Railways Mr Waqas has stated on television, that irregular procurement of 75 locomotives from a firm of ill-repute was turned down by ECNEC, National Assembly Parliamentary Committee and PPRA, yet the Minister for Railways wanted to go ahead with his criminal deed. Press reports state that he was pressurized by ANP President to write a favorable report, which he declined.  In spite of all this, a committee headed by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission was formed by the PM, which gave the go ahead. There is no role for Planning Commission in such matters, nor can it override decisions of parliamentary committee, especially when this deal had been rejected by all three forums. The Deputy Chairman PC is a retired IMF employee who holds foreign nationality and as soon as any accountability proceedings are started he will catch the first flight out with his brief case. His appetite and greed for allotment of real estate plots at subsidized prices is talk of the town. This is perhaps the reason why such choices are made to key slots in Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission, State Bank, National Bank, Auditor General etc, so that they do not create hitches in what amounts to daylight robberies or heists. Like Hussain Haqqani they will claim political asylum in countries whose interests they have sworn to serve.


Lahore, April 2.