ISLAMABAD - Roots School System, South Asian Federation of Exchanges and Lahore Stock Exchange Pakistan have signed a tri-partite MoU on “Campus Outreach Programme”, says a Press release.

Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq, Executive Director Roots School System, Aftab Ahmad Chaudhry, Secretary General South Asian Federation of Exchanges Islamabad, and Rana Naveed Ahmed, Secretary Lahore Stock Exchange signed the MoU at a formal ceremony. Cooperation among these giants is the key to harmonization of innovative teaching approaches and eventually to achieving optimal education standards. Forging international collaborations is one of the cornerstones of the RSS 21st century learning & teaching approach.

While speaking on the occasion, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq, Executive Director Roots School System said that “21st century is age of collaborations, coordination and consortiums. RSS, LSE and SAFE are pursuing common interests and have adapted similar strategic programs to attain their objective.” He further said that “Roots believe in the holistic approach towards education and this will be another milestone in achieving this objective.”

We want to make our students of Roots School System more economically aware and conscious. By our participation in activities under this MOU we will be able to meet our expectations, where it is a need to educate our youth more, financially and economically. Our main objective is to broaden student’s scope and make them responsible citizens”

All parties acknowledge the importance of financial education as a key component for the economic stability and development of the Youth. Roots School System has always been committed to offer high quality education of international standards to the students since its inception in 1988. Therefore it aims to play role in spread of financial literacy and economic knowledge in the younger generation of the country. This program is flexible enough to be applicable to all school systems under the English Medium curriculum. The proposed plan will include students from all age groups at primary, secondary and higher secondary level. Every year the student will be undergo different set of activities enabling them to change their mindset to a caring, eco friendly and a responsible citizen.