KARACHI - Spokesperson for the Jamaat-e-Islami alleged on Monday the PPP, ANP and MQM were behind bloodshed in the city.

“Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik is patronising terrorists. He is directly responsible for the carnage in Karachi,” the spokesman held in a statement.

He said Malik always insinuated that some hidden hands were behind the carnage, loot, arson and unrest in the city. He said that the situation in Karachi had been quite alarming. Target killing and extortion incidents had become a regular feature of the city that prompted the Supreme Court to take a suo motu notice of the Karachi situation.

The JI man said “it was a ridiculous game on behalf of the minister when he abruptly claimed that the situation in Karachi was spoiled by Taliban while the fact was that the Supreme Court had made the very root-causes public and the joint investigation teams had also submitted reports on the issue and target killers were plainly exposed but still the minister insisted on saying that Taliban had been involved in the disturbed situation of Karachi”. The spokesperson also said that authorities had provided an opportunity to real terrorists to escape safely from Lyari and the ongoing operation was directed against civilians. He also said that terrorists were operating freely.