When I drive down the canal road after its widening and renovation I get immense pleasure and satisfaction. It seems that all has not gone awry and there is still light at the end of the tunnel. However, a thought does creep to mind that this magnificent achievement cannot be fully appreciated without its proper presentation.

Hence, I would like to put forth that with a little more attention to quality, the newly installed streetlights could be electrified through solar panels. In the long run, this would incur little extra expenditure. Even in countries such as Canada, where sunlight is relatively scarce, officials manage to make use of solar energy. I believe there is no point in letting this abundant energy source remain untapped here. The streetlights will get rid of loadshedding, keeping important roads of the city well lit throughout the night. Also this step shall definitely give the city a beautiful appearance. Well lit roads will symbolise life and progress. A general reduction in crime rate is inevitable since darkness plays a pivotal role in aiding criminals. It is hoped that this suggestion will attract the attention of the Khaadim-e-Punjab.

Fayyaz Rabbani,

Lahore, April 1.