KARACHI - Stocks closed lower at KSE on first day of business week after gaining 4pc last week. Investors preferred to book profits as a result KSE Index trimmed down by 0.9 per cent.

At Karachi stock market benchmark KSE-100 share index shed 98.44 points or 0.72 percent to finish the day’s trading at 13,663.32 points as compared to the 13,761.76 points of last working day on Friday.

Equity dealer at KSE observed that Dewan Cement and Lafrage Cement remained in the limelight as investors hoped that 2012 will bring a turnaround in their profits. JSCL after a substantial gain in last few weeks closed at lower limit. Lower than expected inflation numbers for March did not have any impact on market sentiments.

Trading took place in 362 stocks where loser out numbered the gainers 163 to 135 while the value of 64 stocks remained intact. Stock traded 315,368 million shares after opening at 413,941 million shares.

KSE-Allshare index fell 65.43 points to stop the day at 9,584.52 points, KSE-30 share index misplaced 88.12 points to close the session at 12,026.01 points while the KMI-30 share index loses 138.81 points to close the day at 23,433.16 level.

Protests amid hike in local POL prices, gas supply curtailment in fertilizer sector, law & order concerns in the city and concerns for delay in revised CGT regime played a catalyst role in bearish sentiments at KSE, said stock analyst Ahsan Mehanti.

Dewan Cement was the top traded company of the day with 34,293 million shares as it closed at Rs 4.97 after opening at Rs 21.76. Jahangir Siddiqi was on second position off by Rs 1.07 to close at Rs 20.69 with 30,280 million shares. It was followed by Lafarge Pakistan 25,190 million shares, JS Bank Ltd 22,239 million shares and Bankislami Pakistan with 15,343 million shares.

Biggest gainer of the day was UniLever Pak LtdXD gained Rs 75.80 to close at Rs 5676.80 followed by Sapphire Fiber up Rs 6.10 to close at Rs 128.21.

The heaviest loser of the day was Rafhan MaizeXD down by Rs 115.68 to close at Rs 2520.17 followed by Indus Dyeing shedding Rs 20.29 at Rs 385.58.

APP adds from Islamabad: Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) witnessed bearish trend on Monday as the ISE 10-index shed 34.13 points to close at 2787.75.

A total of 593,876 shares were traded, which were up by 264,959 shares when compared with previous day’s trading of 328,917 shares.

The share price of Unilever Pakistan increased by Rs 75.80 per share, while the share price of Oil and Gas Development decreased by Rs 3.12 per share.

Silkbank Limited, NIB Bank Limited and Maple Leaf Cement remained the top trading companies in Monday’s trading with 269,376, 100,000 and 81,000 shares respectively.