LAHORE - The transporters, amid the news that the government is considering to reduce the prices of petroleum products, have totally refused to decrease the fare which was raised on Sunday by following the increase in petroleum prices.

“We will not decrease the fare even a single penny until the government reduces POL prices,” said All Pakistan Transport Owners’ Federation Secretary General Arshad Khan Niazi while talking to TheNation on Monday. He said that they (transporters) were already in loses and could not afford to decrease the fare until the POL prices were reduced to the previous prices.

“This will be unfair if the government after increasing the prices by 10 to 12 rupees reduces it by 4 to 5 rupees,” he said. Niazi said that the transporters had raised the fares in protest of government’s policies. He warned going on nationwide strike if the government failed to retract its decision.

It is worth to mention here that the Federation on Sunday raised the transportation fares by 5 to 10 per cent across the country. Before increasing the fares on Sunday, they gave an ultimatum to the government to reverence POL prices. The transporters have increased the fares of both at intercity and intra city routes.