MARDAN – A woman, resident of Galyara village in the limits of Shahbaz Ghari Police Station, Monday appealed to the inspector general of police (IGP) to take notice of the police ‘excesses’ and provide him with justice.

Speaking at a news conference, the mother of Abuzar, the man who was recently killed with other four people in the Shahbaz Gahri Police Station area, said that they have old enmity with former provincial minister and PML (N) former provincial vice president Abdus Subhan Khan and others. She further said that a jirga of elders including former deputy speaker Ikramullah Shahid, Gul Rehman Khan, Zarif Khan, Farhad Khan, Ameer Nawab Khan, Gulsheed Khan, Fida Mohammad Khan and Sead Rashan Khan former district member of union council Galyara two years back made compromise between her son and Abdus Subhan Khan and others. She said that they took oath on the Holy Quran that they would spend the remaining life like brothers.

She further said that on 25 March 2012 his son Abuzar along with Gul Jamal, Muamar Khan, Zafar Ali, Anwar were coming back to their village. On the way Abdus Subhan Khan former provincial minister and leader of PML (N) his brothers Saed Khan, Naeem Khan, Khalid Khan sons of Farid Khan, Zrawar and his son Waqar, Lahkar Khan, Salamat, Hadiar Ali, Kamran, Ihsan, Farzand and Khan Bahadhur allegedly opened fire on them. As Abuzar, Gul Jamal, Muamar Khan, Zafar Ali and a motorbike rider identified as Zarghun Shah died on the spot. She said that she registered First Information Report (FIR) against the accused in the Shahbaz Ghari Police Station but the police did not take any action against the alleged killers. She further said that the alleged killer oof her son is influential and they are wandering in the area and giving them threats. She added that alleged killer also gave her threats that they will kill the children of late Abuzar. She added that alleged killer by force stopped the children of Abuzar from school. She further said that alleged killer along with his brothers and relatives killed her five people before this. She appealed to the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court and police high-ups to look into the matter and provide her justice. Late Abuzar aunt and other elders of the area were also present in the press conference.

Meanwhile, the Health Department of Khyber Pakthunkhwa here on Monday launched a special anti-polio campaign in high-risk areas to vaccinate children under five years of age.

The campaign has been kicked off in 40 high risk Union Councils of the Walled City, said Deputy Director Expanded Polio Immunization (EPI), Dr. Janbaz Afridi told media here.

This campaign will continue for three days (April 2-4) in which 900 teams are taking part.