Actors have joined politics in many countries and in many instances have proved to be excellent workers. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one such example. There are many examples in other countries as well but the announcement of two notorious film actress joining the political arena to contest against two leaders, one a religious and the other a strong contender for change seems like a conspiracy to malign and insult politicians.

Our previous politicians have not shown much ethics or moral values but the two actresses, one still in showbiz, and the other one long since out, Meera, and Musarrat Saheen respectively have determined to contest general elections for the National Assembly seats against Imran Khan, and Maulana Fazlur Rahman respectively. Amusingly, Musarrat Shaheen, known and famous for exciting and vulgar dances in her films, has stressed for the implementation of Article 62 and 63 of the constitution so that morally clean, competent, honest, and fair people should reach federal and provincial assemblies. I think the ECP should watch some of her films for the implementation of the aforementioned articles; Meera too is like a frog in a well, not knowing about the world outside her own limited sphere. She is better advised to stay in her own world then to step into the world of politics.

Both the ladies will need years of experience to play with seasoned politicians; and this field is not a bed of roses. Both Musarrat and Meera seem to be playing in the hands of some vested interests to malign the Maulana and the Khan. This will bring further shame to Pakistan and will gain nothing. I hope we can grow up and be more progressive and professional.


Charsadda, March 30.