Present Obama has once again expressed his old concern about our nuclear weapons falling into the hands of non-state actors, at the recently-concluded Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. Apparently, there exists no immediate or extreme threat to our nuclear weapons. I am sure the Taliban are not interested in our nuclear arsenal they are more prone to use of IED’s or rocket launchers. The excessive anxiety of the world community about the so-called ‘threat’ of nuclear terrorism seems quite irrational and groundless.

Instead of selectively deciding which state or non-state actors should and which should not possess nukes, the world community should take some serious and sincere endeavors towards the nuclear disarmaments to achieve the goal of ‘Global Zero’. Although, having a strong command and control system, Pakistan’s nuclear safety arrangements have been expressed as satisfactory, yet the current international hype about the nuclear terrorism is a matter of great concern for Pakistan. At present, Pakistan is the only declared nuclear state in the world that is facing a challenge of tackling a large number of hostile non-state actors present on its very soil. Time and again, various concerns have been expressed from different quarters about the security of the nuclear assets of Pakistan. In order to avoid any untoward situation in future, Pakistan needs to be more careful and watchful for both the security of its nukes and activities of the various violent non state actors present in the country at same time.


Lahore, April 1.­