KHYBER AGENCY  - Tribal elders of Shinwari tribe observed hunger strike against local political administration and Political Moharar Zar Bad Shah in Landi Kotal on Wednesday.
Prominent tribal elder Shah Muhammad Shinwari while leading the hunger strike criticised the administration high-ups for unlawfully allowing a retired official to work as moharar for the last two years. The strikers were of the view that the local administration had hired the services of the retired political moharar to fleece the poor and oppressed people of the area by deciding cases of locals after receiving bribe.
The retired moharar Zar Bad Shah has been reportedly involved in conflicts among the tribes and families in Landi Kotal, Shah Muhammad Shinwari alleged, saying that it was unfair and illegal to trap the people in fake cases.
The protesters also criticized the administration for not taking serious action against the proxy Khasadars including the retired moharar. They demanded of the authorities to immediately remove the retired moharar.