There was a report that the World Bank has agreed to fund Dasu Dam, for power generation but has kept quiet on Bhasha Dam, which was to not only generate power but also to store crucial water for irrigation, on the plea that since it was located in a disputed area it was subject to NOC from India. It is surprising that the issue of Bhasha dam has been in limbo since past decade. The first ground breaking ceremony of the dam took place in 2006, why did no one raise the question of an NOC being required from India? The second ground breaking was done in 2011 and now in 2014, after 8 years we are told that there are no prospects for funding (a minimum of $ 10 billion needed) for the project and no NOC from India?

This nation has been led up the garden path without any solid plan for a mega hydro electric dam for almost a decade; now while Kalabagh dam, which needs only $seven billion in six years, has been neglected, waiting for a so called elusive consensus. This is a fit case of criminal negligence that needs to be taken notice of by the Apex Court as it threatens the very existence of Pakistan, as all living things depend on water. The recent famine witnessed in Thar Desert, resulting in loss of precious life and livestock, along with similar conditions in the near future destined for Cholistan, rings a disaster bell for all those whose ears are deaf to the shouts of pain.

If we do not post haste to build KBD with our own resources, in case World Bank does not come to our rescue, as KBD site is in Pakistan and we do not need any NOC from India. But who is to strike some sense in the planners and authorities to hear the danger bells ringing constantly to warn us of a future where Pakistan can become Thar!


Lahore, March 31.