I vividly remember these golden words of one Sufi from Larkana who used to say, “These resources do not belong exclusively to us, they belong to God, hence, are to be treated with reverence and used prudently. We need to be more prudent in the use of God’s resources so that we can share the gifts of God’s creation more fully with the downtrodden and marginalized”.

In famous Shah Jo Risal of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai we are called to love our Creator, and care for each other and all of God’s creation. If we improperly or disproportionately use the fruit of God’s earth, we not only dishonor him but also we ultimately endanger the livelihood of our poor and marginalized siblings who most depend on God’s creation, this is what is being done in Thar and other parts of Sindh.

It is on record that the resources of the province including oil, gas and other minerals etc. are being ruthlessly exploited and used but the poor and marginalized people tragically suffer the worst of the consequences. Shah Jo Risalo’ teachings call on us to first consider how our actions and policies affect the poor and the vulnerable people. Our rulers and administrators must never forget their moral obligation to their brothers and sisters in need either in Thar or other parts in the province.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai also teaches about avoiding the injustices practiced among people, a lack of respect for nature, loot and plunder of natural resources leading to an abysmal decline in the quality of life. I would take the opportunity to request the provincial rulers to use the resources of the province prudently, honestly and uprightly for the common good of the people.


Islamabad, March 27.