Islamabad - Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) of CDA has initiated a campaign against the sale of adulterated or substandard milk and transport of the commodity in unsafe or unhygienic containers in the federal capital.

The Authority has decided to take stern action against violators in accordance with the provision of the Pakistan Pure Food Ordinance 1960.

On the directions of Member Administration and Estate CDA Amer Ali Ahmed, DMA has constituted special teams which are accompanied by Health Inspector of the Directorate of Health Services and are busy in raiding against unhygienic milk sellers in the city.

These raids are being carried out before dawn because milk sellers enters city at this time.

These teams seized 500 litters of unhygienic and adulterated milk which was destroyed accordingly. DMA has further intensified the campaign against the unhygienic and adulterated milk sellers and has also spread this campaign across Islamabad.

Amer Ali Ahmed said that supply of unhygienic and adulterated milk would not be tolerated and stern action must be ensured against the violators. Moreover, milk should be transported only in stainless steel vessels, which were washed with hot water.

He further directed to ensure coordinated efforts of DMA and DHS to discourage malpractice of selling unhygienic edible items.