LAHORE - Punjab police high-ups managed to materialise their wish for buying expensive adventure motorcycles for Dolphin Force.

The decision has been taken in a high level meeting chaired by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday. On the proposal of Turkish police officials, the provincial government has given go-ahead to the police for buying the Japan-made 500cc motorcycles. The price of one motorcycle is Rs1.8 million and 300 motorcycles would be purchased in the first phase while 1600 more motorcycles would be purchased in the second phase for Dolphin Force.

The cabinet committee constituted by the chief minister had opposed the purchase of these expensive motorcycles; rather it had recommended purchasing 250cc motorcycles from another company, whose motorcycle is available on just Rs750,000.

The 250cc motorcycle is much easier to drive as compared to 500cc. Some policemen think that chasing dacoits on 500cc motorcycle would be much difficult rather impossible due to its heavy speed. But police high-ups remained persistent to purchase 500cc motorcycles and also from the company they liked.

Another competitive company’s 650cc motorcycle is available in the market on just Rs1.5 million while the police officials are persistent to purchase 500cc motorcycle on Rs1.8 million from another company.

The police officials, who are not the part of this deal, said that driving of 500cc or 650cc motorcycles in Lahore is difficult, and termed the 250cc motorcycles as better choice.