Getting government jobs is becoming tougher day by day; there were times when it was tradition to get government jobs through references. Government jobs were not advertised and the induction was highly classified thus making personnel with strong references the only beneficiaries. I would like to say that we have seen some improvement, as now jobs are advertised, and there is a hope that induction will be done on merit. But huge amounts are collected from the candidates in the shape of ‘job application fee.’ Normally, this fee for a BPS-17 post advertised through National Testing Service (NTS) varies from Rs 700 to Rs 1000. It is important to mention that job application can only be submitted through courier, so, including courier charges it crosses the figure of Rs 1000, the total cost incurred for applying for a job, no matter you get it or not.

How will the future of our nation improve or change when jobs go to those who have the money to apply for them? I would like to suggest that the government organisations should finance the whole recruitment process. To me, this is an unchecked financial humiliation and I request higher authorities to pay heed on this important issue. Recruitment process should be easy and convenient for the unemployed poor people of Pakistan, not for the rich who do not need these jobs.


Islamabad, March 5.