The serious

DR. AyEsHa @DrAyesha4

Pak should be playing a lead role in negotiating in peace talks rather than becoming a participant in the war..#IK #NsDontSendArmyToYemen

Amna Ashraf @amnaashraf5

Learn from the past. Don't take part in others war. It will only burn our own home. #NsDontSendArmyToYemen

The sarcastic

Yasir @sapio35

I had a quarrel with my neighbourer,I was wondering will Chachu Raheel rent me two soldiers? pretty pls :D #RentAArmy #NsDontSendArmyToYemen

kanza akhwand @akhwandk

NS fears Martial law so keeping Army Busy #NSDontSendArmyToYemen