This article does not need an introductory paragraph, for Nazia Hassan is a name not unknown to anyone. Disco Deewane, Aap Jaisa Koi, Boom Boom, Aag, Aankhein, Taali De Thalle and Dil Ki Lagi are highly popular songs associated with this name. Unfortunately, the shows aired as a tribute to the late Nazia Hassan happen to play only these few songs and keep some very beautiful and equally appealing songs hidden somewhere. Those songs, such as Lekin Mera Dil, Teri Yaad, Koi Naheen, Dhundli Raat and Sun Mere Mehboob can be accessed if we buy her albums. Surprisingly, there are a few songs which are not even found in any of the albums of Nazia, and this year, the objective is to tell her fans regarding these songs as well.

The first one happens to be a soft ghazal Guzar Rahi Hai Khizaan which is a piece the kind of which is not usually expected from Nazia Hassan , who is famous for being a pop singer. Guzar Rahi Hai Khizaan makes use of flute and tabla, moving it far away from the genre of pop music. None of the five albums seems to have incorporated this song, but Nazia’s voice in it, mature and husky, suggests that it was sung by her during the last days of her career.

Halla Gulla another song by Nazia Hassan is also not found in any of her albums, for it was sung for an Indian film. The interesting thing about this song is that it is Nazia’s duet, not with her brother Zohaib, but with the classical Indian singer, Kishore Kumar. Halla Gulla comes as a big surprise for the fans of both the singers, for it feels good to think that both the singers, one with the genre being pop music, and one with the genre being classical music, collaborated at some point in their lives to produce a lively piece of music.

In one of the several shows in which Nazia Hassan made her appearance during her career, she is found singing a soothing song, the lyrics of which go like:

Jaise phailein ujaalon ke saaye

Jaise milne ke mausam phir aaye

Door se jaise koi bulaaye

Koi bhoola hua geet gaaye

The song has been beautifully written and magnificently composed, but unfortunately, is a rarity.

People acquainted with the golden era of Pakistan Television must remember a show by the name of Kaliyaan, which was produced by Farooq Qaiser, who in that show, used his puppets to humorously point out the corruption present at all levels of the society. Nazia Hassan , along with her brother, is found singing a song in one of the episodes, which points at the ironic fact that the atom bomb is a human invention, while at the same time, it terrorizes the humans themselves. The title of the song is Atom Bana Ke Khud Hi Atom Se Darte Hain.

Tonight Pyar Karo is another song by the siblings for an Indian film, with bold lyrics and a mixture of both Urdu and English language, depicting the changing trends in Indian music.

Besides being a singer, Nazia Hassan was also known as a social activist, and both the brother and sister once ran a campaign against the use of drugs among the youth. In order to promote their views on the excessive intake of drugs, they made use of their talent, and incorporated a song Nasha Na Karo in their last album Camera.

The last song to be discussed is Dreamer Deewane, with the composition being the same as that of Disco Deewane, but the lyrics being in English language.

It’s time for Nazia Hassan’s fans to stop putting on ‘repeat’ the famous songs of the singer known to every layman, and acquaint themselves with these rare songs of hers as well, so that they can give a proof of being true fans of the singer.

Happy 52nd birthday, Nazia Hassan . Rest in peace.