KARACHI -  Provincial Minister for Transport Nasir Hussain Shah on Sunday said that Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) was playing a vital role in development and progress of the country and its technical staff was working to complete different projects across the country on time.

He said this during a meeting with a delegation led by FWO Director General Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal. The minister briefed the delegation about the mega projects and short-term transport projects in the province. He said that completion of mega transport projects would provide people of the province state of the art transport facilities and help overcome traffic issues. He said that since mega projects would take time to complete, the government was introducing short-term solutions to overcome some of these problems.

He said that keeping in view the worst conditions of buses on the roads, it was planned to introduce modern buses so that the citizens could get rid of problems like shortage of capacity in buses and travelling on bus rooftops. “For this purpose, we have decided to bring 600 new buses on Karachi roads. This plan has been approved by the chief minister, as he understands the needs of the city,” he said.

The minister informed the delegation about the Bus Rapid Transport Systems (BRTS) including Abdul Sattar Edhi Line, Brown Line, Green Line and Karachi Circular Railway transport projects.

The FWO director appreciated these efforts and said that completion of these projects would provide relief to people. “Despite problems during completion of these projects, people will get relief after completion of these projects,” he said.