LAHORE  - Poor patients will get fee medical treatment in Pakistan Kidney & Liver Transplant Institute, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Sunday, hoping this 470-bed institute will prove to be a milestone for treatment of thousands of people.

The CM also decided to establish endowment fund for Pakistan Kidney & Liver Transplant Institute during a meeting which reviewed progress on PKLI project, human resource affairs, and establishment of Hepatitis Filter Clinics.

Besides provision of medical facilities to kidney and liver patients, the research work will also be done in this institute to prevent spread of these diseases, he added.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the first phase of this hospital will be completed by the end of this year and it will start providing modern medical facilities to the patients.

“There will be high quality human resource and state of the art machinery available in the institute. Third party audit of the human resource appointed for this institute is also essential and there should be some set up for modern training of this human resource as well,” he told the participants of the meeting.

Provincial Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir, chief secretary, P&D chairman, Health and Finance secretaries, Punjab Infrastructure Development Authority CEO, DG Forensic Science Agency and other concerning officials took part in the meeting.

Dr Saeed Akhtar, president Board of Governors Pakistan Kidney & Liver Transplant Institute, gave a briefing on the projects’ progress.

The CM, on the occasion, instructed not only to prepare a model and plan for the training and refresh courses of human resource but also for a horticulture plan for the beauty of the institute.

He said that the Punjab government is endeavouring hard on hepatitis control program and that is why first Hepatitis Filter Clinic has been established at the site of Pakistan Kidney & Liver Transplant Institute.

The same Hepatitis Filter Clinics will also be established in every district of the province, he informed.

Shhebaz said that these Hepatitis Filter Clinics will have nothing to do with the health department but instead PKLI will be responsible to run these clinics. “Programme for the establishment of PKLI and Hepatitis Filter Clinics is a great project for people’s welfare. “With hard work, courage, and determination we have to move forward and complete these projects.”


Prof. Justin Yifu Lin, international economic expert from China’s Peking University and former World Bank senior vice president, presented his book to Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif during a meeting on Sunday.

Praising the leadership of Shehbaz Sharif, Prof Lin said that the CM has played a leading role in the progress and development of Pakistan particularly Punjab and due to his charismatic qualities and capabilities, he managed to render invaluable services for the progress and prosperity of the people of Punjab.

During the meeting, the Chinese said that Shehbaz Sharif was a true leader and due to his excellent capabilities and significant initiatives the economy of Punjab has strengthened. “Under his leadership, Punjab is fast moving towards development and this is an acknowledged fact in other parts of the world,” he added.

Prof Justin Yifu Lin also said that they wanted to learn from the significant achievements made by the Punjab under the leadership of Shehbaz Sharif.